NEŁSA has been gathering experience in the construction
and industrial market for almost 20 years


Due to the high motivation of the team and efficient management of employee brigades, we always realize our orders in a timely manner. During the entire period of the company’s existence, we have never been removed from any of the contracts. This is the best confirmation of our professionalism and proof that we maintain the highest standards in terms of services offered.

Our previous work and successes have allowed us to achieve a very stable position on the market.

We have many regular and trusted partners with whom we are currently carrying out construction projects together.

„Employees have appropriate qualifications, are disciplined and are committed to their tasks. The company cooperates in a flexible way adapting to the client’s needs, ensure punctuality and high quality.” 

Piotr Dobrzyński
Director of General Construction Warsaw- Housing, 
Skanska S.A.

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„[…] Up to 140 NEŁSA construction workers worked on the construction site […] these employees were distinguished by good organization of work, qualifications, discipline and motivation. The NEŁSA company cooperates in a flexible way adapting to the client’s needs […]. An important aspect was also respecting high standards of health and safety at the construction site and working in accordance with technical and quality standards and applicable regulations. […] We recommend the NEŁSA company as a thorough and reliable business partner.”

Dionizy Boryczko
President of the Management Board of Uniserv – Piecbud S.A.

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“In 2008, Nełsa Sp. z o.o. delegated over 120 employees to work in our company […].
Activities of Nełsa Sp. z o.o. were of a fully professional character, they required a lot of experience, good organization and professionalism. During the entire cooperation, they did not raise any objections in formal or substantive terms.We are satisfied with the decision to choose Nelsa Sp. zo.o., which in previous cooperation proved to be a reliable partner and a trustworthy company.”

Olena Gusar
President of the Management Board of Piecbud Bytom S.A.

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“Nełsa Sp. z o.o. cooperates in a flexible way, adapting to the client’s needs in the field of employee leasing.
It should be emphasized that high flexibility allows for urgent overtime, night work and on non-working days, as well as very good supervision over the work performed by Nełsa Sp. z o.o. An important aspect was maintaining by employees of Nełsa Sp. z o.o. high standards of occupational health and safety, in force at the construction of the 2nd Metro Line in Warsaw.”

Francesco Paolo Scaglione
Contract Manager at Astaldi S.P.A.

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“[…] We confirm that the company NEŁSA Sp. z o.o. provides teams that ensure high quality and punctuality in the performance of outsourced tasks. We can recommend NEŁSA Sp. z o.o. as a reliable and proven partner in ongoing tasks.”

Jan Matkowski, MSc, Eng.
President of the Management Board of Filar Sp. z o.o.

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Caring for the company’s development and investing in human capital have been appreciated. In 2014, NEŁSA Sp. z o.o. became the laureate of the Business Wings 2014 – a discretionary prize dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Opolskie and Śląskie voivodships.

of services

Nełsa Sp. z o.o. operates in the construction and industrial branch in Poland since 1997. Through the years of existence, we have grown from a 20-person company into a nearly half-thousand-people efficiently managed team.

The scope of services provided by NEŁSA:

Nełsa Sp. z o.o. will be happy to cooperate in the field of carrying out construction work and providing qualified professionals.

We place emphasis on the selection of teams characterized by high motivation to work, professionalism and experience. We care about maintaining discipline and high work culture.

We guarantee flexible terms of cooperation and readiness to take on new challenges.