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The company's mission is to take care of the quality and reliability of the services provided and flexibility in relation to the client's needs.



The company NEŁSA Sp. z o.o. started its activity in Poland in 1997 as a small enterprise employing 20 people.

In 2005, the main activity of the company was staff outsourcing – first of all, providing employees from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus for the needs of the construction and industrial sector. From that moment, NEŁSA constantly gained experience in given industries.

The quality of services provided and constant investment in team development contributed in short time to a fivefold increase in employment (150 employees). Thanks to the experience gained, since 2007 the company has started the implementation of construction and industrial contracts also on the basis of subcontracting.

The growing potential of Nełsa was noticed at the beginning of 2010, when we received a proposal for cooperation in the construction of the Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw for Euro 2012. We supported this construction site while providing access to over 100 employees on one construction site. We dealt perfectly with all organizational, logistical and management difficulties. In addition, the experience gained at that time allowed us to develop a unique resource management process, enabling the coordination of work of such a large number of people in internal employment. Thus, Nełsa Sp. z o.o. has become one of the best organized construction companies in Poland.

Successes during work on the construction of the Wroclaw Stadium confirmed that we are a trustworthy company. Already in 2012, we started working on other large construction projects, such as: LNG Terminal in Świnoujście, PKP railway station with a shopping mall in Katowice, construction of the 2nd Metro Line in Warsaw, and other smaller contracts. Fruitful cooperation at construction sites, constant concern for company development and investments in improving employees’ competences enabled us to obtain a strong and stable position on the market, supported by a group of regular business partners, with whom we are still carrying out further construction projects.

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Nełsa Sp. z o.o. operates in the construction and industrial branch in Poland since 1997. Through the years of existence, we have grown from a 20-person company into a nearly half-thousand-people efficiently managed team.

The scope of services provided by NEŁSA:

employee teams

The biggest distinguishing feature of NEŁSA compared to other construction companies are its qualified employees and the ability to manage human resources.

The great potential of the construction industry professionals (including fixers, carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, welders) enables comprehensive and timely implementation of extensive construction projects.

Perfectly mastered logistics in managing over half-thousand employees and efficient work organization makes NEŁSA able to instantly react to the needs of its business partners.

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Nełsa Sp. z o.o. will be happy to cooperate in the field of carrying out construction work and providing qualified professionals.

We place emphasis on the selection of teams characterized by high motivation to work, professionalism and experience. We care about maintaining discipline and high work culture.

We guarantee flexible terms of cooperation and readiness to take on new challenges.